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Mary Ann Kirsbaum

Mary Ann Kirsbaum

Mary Ann has 21 years experience practicing law in the State of Michigan. She grew up and has lived in the Detroit Metropolitan area her whole life. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Accountancy from Walsh College in 1991, which gives her an advantage when dealing with accounting, finance, business and tax aspects of all types of cases. However, soon after graduation, Mary Ann realized that her ultimate goal was to become an attorney, so in lieu of pursuing a career in accounting, she put all her efforts toward gaining admission to law school. Mary Ann was accepted at all three law schools she applied to, ultimately choosing to attend Wayne State University Law School, where she participated in and served as Chairperson of the Women’s Law Caucus.


While attending college and law school, Mary Ann worked in every capacity as a member of legal office support staff, starting with working as a legal secretary at age 20, then working her way up to Legal Assistant, Litigation Clerk, Court Officer at the Michigan Court of Appeals, and ultimately as a Judicial Intern for Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Mark Cavanagh. However, Mary Ann’s favorite job prior to becoming a licensed attorney was the year she spent working as a legal assistant for an Auto Negligence firm, which she never forgot.


For most of Mary Ann’s career she ran her own law practice, concentrating on family law, adoption, juvenile law, guardianship/conservatorship, mental health law, criminal law and appellate law. In 2007 the Michigan Court of Appeals chose to publish a case in which Mary Ann represented the prevailing party, Dumm v Broadbeck, 276 Mich App 460 (2007). Mary Ann has years of courtroom experience and has litigated, mediated and negotiated countless cases, ultimately achieving favorable results for the clients she has served. Mary Ann also regularly accepted court appointed cases from Circuit Court and Probate Court Judges, where she represented clients who otherwise would not be able to afford an attorney. In addition, she represented pro-bono clients through the Family Law Assistance Project, Lakeshore Legal Aid, and at the Women’s Survival Center, volunteering at a free law clinic on a monthly basis.


Mary Ann has always advocated for the “underdog” and believes that dealing with real people from everyday life helps her keep her life in perspective and her feet on the ground. In 2018, Mary Ann decided to return to her original roots – auto negligence law, joining Auto Accident Attorneys, PLLC, where she concentrates on 3rd party, uninsured and underinsured motorist cases. She loves going up against the big corporate insurance companies and their lawyers, and shares in the satisfaction of obtaining justice for her clients.

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