If you have an injury and a motor vehicle was in any way involved, you should speak with one of our Auto Accident Attorneys.  Our lawyers represent clients all over Michigan.


Some accident types include: 

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Michigan no-fault insurance laws are different than every other state.   For example, even a person who is at-fault for the accident is entitled to get paid no-fault benefits.  A car accident in Michigan or involving a Michigan resident can require specialized knowledge, experience, and expertise.  If you were in a car accident, you should talk to an Auto Accident Attorney before you talk to anyone else.


One out of eight auto accident fatalities involve large trucks such as big rigs or tractor trailers. An injury case involving an accident with a semi-truck or big rig will present some unique issues. Semi-truck operators must follow a number of federal and state regulations and are required to carry insurance with higher limits than standard vehicle drivers. 


Motorcycle accidents in Michigan are frequent and dangerous.  There are several issues motorcycle accident victims must be aware of when seeking injury compensation.  The benefits and compensation surrounding motorcycle accident injuries or death are not the same as motor vehicle accidents. Our attorneys have the knowledge to get you paid from a motorcycle accident. 


With increased bicyclists on our roadways, the number of bicycle accidents are increasing.  If a motor vehicle was involved in your crash, you may be entitled to no-fault benefits and to get paid through the insurance on the motor vehicle. 


Pedestrians injured by a motor vehicle are entitled to no-fault benefits.  In addition, a person who negligently operates a vehicle or who owns the vehicle that struck the pedestrian may be required to pay damages for the injured person's pain and suffering.  Our law firm can investigate and get you insurance coverage so your benefits get paid.


The risk of a tip-over or rollover accident is higher for buses than it is for standard cars.  Most buses don’t feature any form of safety restraint or supplemental safety device -- in other words, no seat belts or airbags.  Bus accident injury claims present unique issues that may apply to your case depending on the city the accident took place in.  Our attorneys have represented countless individuals who have been involved in bus accidents. 


A hit and run is typically defined as leaving the scene of an accident where there is any type of injury to a person, whether the injured person is a pedestrian or an occupant of a vehicle.  Even without the at-fault vehicle's insurance information, our lawyers can help you get paid your no-fault benefits and may still be able to make a pain and suffering claim for you. 


Michigan no-fault insurance does not turn off as soon as you turn off your engine.  For example, if you are injured when you are getting into or out of a vehicle, loading or unloading items, or injured while performing maintenance on a vehicle, you are still entitled to no-fault benefits. 



Our law firm can handle any type of accident involving a motor vehicle. Whether it was a single-vehicle accident (for example, hit a tree or pole), multiple-vehicle accident, or even just an accident involving an animal (for example, a deer), you should know your rights and what benefits you are entitled to; let our lawyers advise you.  The consultation is FREE.  If you delay, it can only hurt your potential recovery.