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Marcia Pupkiewicz

Marcia Pupkiewicz

Marcia Pupkiewicz has been a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan since 1989.  Prior to attending law school, she was an undergraduate at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  There she became involved in political organizing and campaigning.  She also participated extensively in organizations which focused on the advancement of civil rights.  This led her down the road to law school at the University of Michigan where she acquired her Juris Doctorate degree. 


Ms. Pupkiewicz comes from a blue collar, working-class background.  She was fortunate in that she had a great role model in the form of her mother who, despite widowhood, successfully raised nine children on her own.  Given her background, Ms. Pupkiewicz is very familiar with the struggles and hardships faced by so many.  She has always been dedicated to aggressively advocating for individuals against what are often abusive and powerful corporations. 

Currently, Ms. Pupkiewicz specializes in no-fault litigation and is licensed to practice in all Michigan State courts as well as federal court in the Eastern District of Michigan.  She has extensive experience representing plaintiffs with regard to their no-fault claims.  In addition, she has diverse experience in other areas of the law, having handled a wide variety of cases such as wrongful death, product liability, employment discrimination, worker’s compensation, Social Security disability claims, probate, and class actions.  This experience gives her a broader perspective which is beneficial to her clients.  

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