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Sandy Sitto

Sandy S. Sitto

Sandy S. Sitto has always known that a career in law was the one and only path she would follow.  Providing a voice for those who need to be heard is what motivates Sandy and keeps her aggressively moving to ensure justice is served for her clients. Her knowledge of the law coupled with her savvy business skills, which she mastered at Wayne State University with a concentration in Marketing, has given her the edge needed to be that much more effective in advocating for her clients.


Sandy obtained her Juris Doctor in 2010 from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. While attending UDM Law, she quickly stood out as a true advocate and represented clients in need of free legal aid. Sandy utilizes her ability to speak fluent Chaldean and Arabic to effectively represent members of the community and to help them receive the same benefits as everyone else.

Prior to joining Auto Accident Attorneys in 2017, Sandy worked for another metro Detroit personal injury law firm and her caseload consisted almost exclusively with serious auto accident related cases. She aggressively litigates for victims of motor vehicle accidents and she has obtained millions of dollars on behalf of her clients.  Sandy has taken multiple cases through trial and her natural ability to be quick on her feet gives her a strong presence in the courtroom. 

In addition to practicing in various State district courts and circuit courts, Sandy is licensed to practice in all federal courts in the Eastern District of Michigan. 


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